Audi Coupe washer jets / Seat Heater query
Thu, 12 Apr 2001 11:56:08 BST

Cheers for the help.  I'll have a look at the seat heaters at the weekend hopefully!  As for the washer jets, I know about the headlights needing to be on but I don't know where or which relay to check - any advice ?

Many Thanks


> Hi Ben--
>Headlight washers....are your headlights on (just making sure)???.. Have you
>checked the relay??
>I've attached my write-up for the seat heaters (in MSWord format).  It's
"pretty" easy to follow.  It's for a different model so your wire colors
>(and a few other things) may vary slightly!!  Let me know if you have any
>Finally,  I have replaced the LED's in two seat heater switches.  It was
>hard to get them open but I eventually got it done.  I takes a looooooong
>time to get the first one open, after that it gets MUCH faster!!!!
>Andrew Lundy
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>Subject: Audi Coupe washer jets / Seat Heater query
> Does anybody know why the headlight washer jets on my 1992 S2 are not
>working ?  They used to work fine but have recently died despite the
>windscreen washer jets working fine.  I have tried to have a look but the
>washer bottle is pretty inaccessible so I was after some advice before I
>start dismantling the front bumper.
> Also I my passenger side seat heater has also stopped working, I realise
>the elements in the seat can burn out etc but I have had a multi-meter on
>the cable coming from the dash and there appears to be no voltage - are
>there any fuses that I can check ?  Has anybody every managed to
>sucesssfully manage to replace the LEDs in these switches either ? I have
>done it for the headlight dip switch following the instructions on
>but the seat heater switches are longer and seem harder to prise open.
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Ben.
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