Will it fit????????

Huw Powell one@humanspeakers.com
Thu, 12 Apr 2001 22:57:02 -0700

> The larger spline on the VWs is approximately 26mm in diameter.  The
> original spline was around 17mm (all right, so it didn't quite double in
> size).  When VW went to the larger spline they just used an adapter that
> fits over the smaller splines of the original steering columns, so a trip to
> the local pick-n-pull should get you all you need to attach a later style
> steering wheel on an earlier car.  That's assuming Audi's larger spline is
> the same as VW's, which I would think it would be.

the smaller one is at least.  the scirocco sporty wheel I have lying
around to rice out my coupe (fugly horn button tho') fits perfectly.  I
was even able to order a new Wolfsburghghg logo for it through the local
Audi dealer!  (irrelevant info I know)

Huw Powell