4k still running hot!!

chris franz cr4ck3r@hotmail.com
Sat, 05 May 2001 12:42:12 -0700

Hola listers,
    Here's the problem.    My 86 4kq has been running hot when in traffic.   
  I first rebuilt the radiator.      That helped a bit but did not solve the 
problem.    Second, attempted to  replace the water pump.    Upon 
investigation of pump I found that the bearings are fine so I feel that 
isn't my problem.    Next, attacked the thermoswitch.    I did find that it 
had shorted out and then fixed it (which help a bit) but the car still runs 
hot in traffic.    On the highway the car runs at a good running temp.    I 
am now baffled.   Does anyone have any  idea of what might be my problem?
86 4kcsq

PS...happy cinqo de mayo!!!!!!
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