4k still running hot!!

Huw Powell one@humanspeakers.com
Sat, 05 May 2001 17:43:29 -0700

>     Here's the problem.    My 86 4kq has been running hot when in traffic.
>   I first rebuilt the radiator.      That helped a bit but did not solve the
> problem.    Second, attempted to  replace the water pump.    Upon
> investigation of pump I found that the bearings are fine so I feel that
> isn't my problem.    Next, attacked the thermoswitch.    I did find that it
> had shorted out and then fixed it (which help a bit) but the car still runs
> hot in traffic.    On the highway the car runs at a good running temp.    I
> am now baffled.   Does anyone have any  idea of what might be my problem?

depends on what you mean by "hot".

on the highway and in cool weather these things usually run about 1/3 up
the coolant temp gauge.  The fan kicks in at aobut 2/3 on the gauge, you
typically only see that in stop and go driving in warm weather.

Huw Powell