Lincoln LS

Larry C Leung
Sun, 6 May 2001 10:09:48 -0400

Anyone have the performance figures for the V-6 ones of these?

Had a little playtime with one yesterday on I-287 in Westchester NY, and
I can't believe that it could have been with the V-8 model (according to
C+D, 0-60 in 7.4, 0.81G's cornering) 'cuz I just can't imagine that I
could have had that easy a time with one when all I have is a 200Q with a
shimmed WG spring that still reads (dash gauge only) 1.4 bar at full
boost and A4 16" sport wheels and Kumhos.

The car I had a run with would take a run at me (the first was a
surprise) and I would be able to pick right up to his (well, let's just
say for the sake of argument) 1/2 of my speedo's top marked speed, and
hold him back. As speeds got to 20 over that, he wasn't able to keep up,
but I know he was trying b/c he had a difficult time staying in his lane
on curves and kept trying right lane sweeps which I easily closed. I was
able to stay pretty much in the passing lanes and hot have to seep
anyone, so I had a much cleaner drive, and he kept running like a buzzing
bee. Only difference is I had NO problem staying in lane (thanks Kumho
and quattro, and please no flames but more credit to the tires) and he
did. I finally made about 30 or so car lengths into clear traffic, pulled
into the center lane and dropped to traffic flow speed on Cruise and
waited =-). He pulled up and past about 30 lengths and did the same,
about 5 to 10 seconds afterwards, then took off again. I think he knew he
was beat. 

It's kinda surprising (and satisfying) to see my 12 yr old sedan could
more than match the manouvers of an aggressively driven "best of the
"Murican"  (according to most of the mags I've read) "sport" sedan,
particularly in the HP department. That's why I want to know the specs of
the V-6 models, 'cuz I just can't believe it was the V-8. 

How do you tell if it's an 8 or a 6 anyway?