FS: TYP89 A/C Bits

Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80@email.msn.com
Sun, 6 May 2001 14:23:09 -0400

    I ripped out my A/C for the turbo work and I would like to get some of
it out of my house.  The compressor leaks oil, so probably leaks R12 right?
Though the system did have charge when it got emptied, but it didn't work.
I never bothered to diagnose it because I just didn't need A/C, even though
it is a nice little amenity.  So I have the following bits, most of which
are 4 cylinder specific, but some parts may be interchangeable with the 5
cylinder models:

Front mount condenser
High pressure switch
Hard lines

Make me an offer...

Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 80

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