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Ti Kan
Sun, 6 May 2001 22:50:06 -0700 (PDT)

William Ng writes:
> Some of you 
> may not like what I'm about to write, but Honda's level of reliability 
> should shame any Audi engineer. With the mountain of work my 200-TQ needs, 
> Audi reliability is a magnitude below Japanese reliability.

You know, the 200tq is a type-44 Audi, and these cars have their share of
problems mostly because they are complex beasts, and Audi was there
building these highly sophisticated cars well ahead of their time.  To
compare the 200tq to the simple CRX is not exactly a fair comparison.
Try someone who has one of the earlier Acura Legends... they are worst
than the 200tq in having problems.  So there goes "the Honda level of
reliability"...  Somehow, this notion that Hondas are reliable have become
self-fulfilling prophesies.  People believe that Hondas are reliable, so
when somethings break, they justify as "needed maintenance", whereas when
something breaks on an Audi, a likely reaction would be that the Audi is
a piece of cr*p.  Conditioned response, you know.

Moreover, to categorize ALL Audis as unreliable based only on your experience
on the 200tq is not fair either.  Other Audi models have had much less
problems, particularly the newer ones.

Yes, Audi had build some troublesome models, but so did/do most other

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