So who else is heading up to the Mt Washington hillclimb?

Beatty, Robert
Mon, 7 May 2001 09:33:22 -0400

Chairs arent a bad idea... hmm i think ill bring some too...i wont be
heading up till sat afternoon... still have to talk the wife into going..
and if she wont go then ill prolly go solo....

there is a shuttle that you can take in the morning that will take you to
the top of the course.. you will have to spend the ENTIRE day at the peak
though if you want to do that.  You can also go to the halfway point in the
morning and come back at noon or go up at noon and come down at the end of
the race.  I have watched the race from the half way point and from the
start...  both are quite fun, however at the start you can go up into the
trees at turn # 3 and its nice and cool with the shade.  

See you there

87 5ktq
89 200tqa

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From: josh Wyte []
Sent: Monday, May 07, 2001 9:27 AM
Subject: So who else is heading up to the Mt Washington hillclimb?

Got a room reserved at the Dana Place Inn for friday
and saturday nights.  Got the brochure from them, it
looks like a really nice place!  I may have to head up
there again another time this summer just to hang out
and do some mtn biking and climbing.

Anyone else planning on leaving the Boston area that
friday afternoon and driving up?  Wanna caravan?

Anything in particular I need to bring to the
hillclimb?  Other than myself, a hat and sunscreen? 
Should I bring chairs, a cooler with food and tasty
beverages etc?


Josh Wyte 
Momentum Motorsports
508-833-3024 After 5 pm EST

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