any BTDT on Blausport cams?

Mon, 07 May 2001 10:36:40 -0400


I just noticed that Blau is selling cams for 10v engines as well as other Audi engines. does anyone know anything about these?  quality, performance, etc.
anyone use cams from schrick(sp?) or piper or anyone else? I heard from someone that the schrick cams were really designed for the 10v NA engines and that the exhaust was not held open long enough for the turbo cars. I really do not know much about them or cams in general and any advice would be greatly appreciated. the car it is going into is not a daily driver, basically for track use only so poor idle is not a concern.
seeing as how the cam and head for that matter is off the car I figured this is a good time to upgrade=)

thanks for any and all advice

Mike Guidotti
87 5KTQ