re. disintended nondeceleration....

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN)
Mon, 7 May 2001 11:49:59 -0400


Concentrate on finding the most likely culprit being a problem with the
WOT/IDLE switch or circuit.  I have had problems with mine on a number of
occasions.  1) Switch can be flaky - replace 2) Wires to the swith can be
broken - check that you are getting +V to - through connector 3) Switch is
tricky to adjust, and can be tempermental - even when new.  I have found and
resolved all of the above problem with mine at one time or another.  In all
three cases, resulted in the problem you describe.

'87 5kcstqw
'85 4kcsq

[soooo.....    my 5ktq is having some issues slowing down.

when i let off the gas or downshift, the motor decelerates VERY slowly, 
giving a "cruise-control" effect. it is an intermittent problem, about 70% 
of the time. also some rmp's are "stickier" than others. idle is also high 
when the problem rears its head. 11-1500 from it's usual 8-900.

check of the linkage turned up nothing apparently out of place. i didn't 
want to just add some slack in the adjuster bolt at the throttle lever. 
there are 2 VERY suspiscious vaccum doodas right there attached to the 
throttle arm/lever. any thoughts?

thanx, all