King of the Hill/Quattro Quarterly

Jouko Haapanen
Mon, 7 May 2001 12:10:06 -0400

Aaahhh....Lapland in the winter.  Peace, tranquility, quattros and
snowmobiles.  You are getting me homesick.

Jouko Haapanen
St.George, ON

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> Hi Qlist:
> I don't know if anyone saw King of the Hill last night but the
> was applicable to some of the discussions we've been having about
> driving schools, racing, etc. and modifications.  The plot was that
> there was a lawn mower race in Arlen.   Dale (the guy with mirrored
> sunglasses) bought a brand new lawnmower and got a friend to help
> hook a nitrous tank up to it.  "The natural speed of the 5000 along
> with the nitrious should compensate for my poor driving skills."  In
> the end he still lost as the nitrous blew out his engine.
> Thanks Tom for the thorough report.  I realized after I sent my post
> that I only focused on myself and didn't talk much about everyone
> else's experience.  I saw some of your photos in the latest Quattro
> Quarterly. I look forward to seeing your pictures from the event.
> Speaking of the Quarterly, did any of you see the itinerary for the
> Ice Driving school in Finland?  Never before have I wanted so much
> rob a bank (the registration fee for six days is $3,850, not
> airfare to Helsinki) as it combines my two obsessions: Finland and
> Audis.
> Jenny
> 86 4kcsq: The Eurotrash Princess