clicking relay sound + R12 <-> R134 conversion on 88 80Q

Dr. Cory Brayton
Mon, 7 May 2001 12:06:34 -0500

I hear that clicking on my 88 80Q usually but not necessarily right after I
start up & it resolves when I turn off the seat heater -- usually I can turn
it on a little later without a problem -- should I be concerned?

Wrt R12/R134 conversions -- I know some listers have heard my boring stories
wrt this over last 2-3yrs: in short my 88 80Q was converted to 134 in 98 by
supposedly reputable place in MA that did not recognize compressor etc leaks
at that time.  Coolant was completely gone by DC on drive to TX & in
Louisiana (100+ F in Sept) I had it recharged. 3 compressors, 1 condenser &
several hoses later I converted back to R12 in June 2000 & its been OK since
(knock on wood) -- guy who converted it keeps several older Audis running on
R12 bc he thinks that the R12 systems, esp in TX (Temps very hard on
plastic/rubber parts & AC used hard 8+ months of year), don't do well under
hier pressures with R134 -- I suspect that in a more benign climate, with
better A/C help, R134 might be OK, but in my situation I was getting <2m of
AC for every $1000+ fix.

Also wrt '1 side sits lower' -- I think that my passenger sides is slightly
lower than the driver side -- I don't notice it while driving but I
sometimes notice when its parked

As always, thanks to listers for all their help & information -- I prob
would have given up on my car a while ago if not for you all (& I might be
better off financially if I had traded it in for a Honda -- ;)

Cory Brayton, D.V.M.
88 80 Q
Houston, TX