two more 4k issues

Huw Powell
Mon, 07 May 2001 17:58:23 -0700

the fpr was my first reaction - but read on - the engine revs properly
in neutral.  there's something stopping it when under load.  Oh yeah,
how about crappy spark plugs?

ed armstrong wrote:
> Check the fuel pump relay. They all have an rpm/fuel
> cut limit. Yours may be from a different model Audi/VW
> or 4 cylinder !?
> >    Ok, When reving my 86 4kq high it only revs to 5k
> > rpms and acts as if it
> > is red lined.    It hesitates and there is a loss of
> > power and it won't rev
> > any further.   It's quite a violent reaction.  When
> > in neutral the engine
> > still will rev freely to intended red line. 

Huw Powell