Japanese vs german, reliability

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90 Accord vs  20V?
Let's go back 2 years in the used car market.
1990 Accord-135k one owner in real nice shape costing 5k and acceptable (?)
problems include the distributor housing, throttle positioner, clutch, oil
seals after 15k, speed sensor, upper radiator. etc etc.
1990 20V-150k one owner in real nice shape costing 5k and no real problems
The Honda has been a financial nightmare with the only advantage being the
fuel consumption.
Do the math
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> Well to be really fair you ought to compare cars in a
> similar price point.  Not really fair to put a 91
> Honda Accord up vs a 91 90q20v or a 91 200tq.  More
> like a Lexus ES300 or 400 or Infiniti Q45 vs the Audi.
>  I think the Infiniti and Lexus will come out on top
> reliability wise.
> My Dad has gotten 150k miles out of a 85 Toyota Supra,
> 89 Acura Legend coupe and a 93 Mitsu 3000GT Vr4 with
> nothing but normal maintenance.  ie brakes, tires,
> oil, clutch here and there.  That pales in comparison
> to the stacks of receipts I've compiled on my '91 GTI
> 16v, '99.5 GTI VR6, '93 Corrado VR6 and my '97 Audi
> A4.
> I'm curious to see how the WRX fares reliability wise
> over the next few years.  It looks like a fun car and
> sure goes like stink.  If it holds together well it
> may be my next car.  Parked next to my '92 Acura NSX.
> (I can dream, right?)
> -josh
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