Audi Driver UrQ-special scans

Per Lindgren
Tue, 08 May 2001 13:21:27 +0200

If you only post a few pages at a time, we can save them to the disk :-)


"F. Stolp" wrote:

> Hi listsers,
> Well, it took me an evening, but I've scanned all the articles of this with
> no doubt most famous issue of Audi Driver.
> The scans are of great quality (approx. 250kb each), which takes up about
> 13.5Mb of diskspace (not that bad I must say).
> BUT: due to the copyrights on this magazine I won't publish it on the
> net....yet.
> I'm sure Autometrix will not be that happy if they see their highly wanted
> magazine free on the internet. I hope you guys agree on this.
> As soon the magazine isn't available anywhere anymore, I might publish it.
> Of course I can make a 'teaser-site' .... :)  hmmm......well ok, here it is:
> (for the Autometrix-guys: don't see this as a violation of copyrights, but
> just free advertisement!)
> I'll let you all know if and where I put the actuall articles online.
> And for those of you who haven't yet found this magazine: happy hunting!
> It's worth it.
> Ferry Stolp