Coupe quattro 20V For Sale ( my one sold )

Jukka Majanen
Tue, 8 May 2001 21:42:27 +0300

Tim wrote:
>Many of you have been asking for more pictures.  I think the new page
>should cover it.  If anyone wants specific pictures, or if you have any
>questions, please feel free to contact me.  Have a great day.

Oh what a beauty it is and only for 7k? What makes You to leave it?

I just sold my 91 20v CQ 
Im gonna miss it. But we needed some more space and here in Fi 
cars/taxes/insurances are so expensive I couldnt keep two (good) 
cars. A good 91CQ costs here 13k...

Now Im driving QAvant, which will later serve as our 2:nd car. 
Quite cheap, but nice one. I like that 44-type.

Also started looking for an Audi Ive allways most liked, but theyre
very rare here and also there are rumours that EU is pushing our car
prices ( =taxes ) to reasonable level at least, so its not wise to invest
a lot this summer. But I can see something :)))) Let You know, when
going for it...