hot start problem v8q

Kneale Brownson
Tue, 08 May 2001 19:54:56 -0400

There've been several postings on this topic in the last couple of days on 
the V8 List.  If you're not subscribed there, you can read the postings at 
the archives:

At 06:04 PM 05/08/2001 -0500, wrote:

>I have a 90 v8q and last week I had a hot start problem which was a 
>reference sensor issue we thought or was, but I still have a problem. It 
>worked for a couple of days but then began to stall at low rpm or coasting 
>or stop light. For a while it would start up again but soon it turned into 
>the original problem of a non hot start. (wait 45 min and then go) This 
>time the guys replaced the rt side distributor. They were confidant but 
>again it stalls, and starts but my guess is will soon not hot start. Any 
>thoughts??? Someone on the list thought check valve early on. Could it 
>be??  Thanks in advance!!!