'85 5kcst automatic tranny shifting problems uh..oh...

Ivan Tuma ituma@ix.netcom.com
Tue, 08 May 2001 20:39:04 -0600

first, thanks to everyone for responding to my past questions ... I 
would like to put in more of my own
two cents worth but I'm having a hard time figuring out this mailman 
system (dont know how to respond properly
in order to get nested responses in the thread list)

ok, does anyone know what causes the '85 automatic to occasionally STICK 
in first gear when they are cold...
usually when this happens on mine, it is the first shift of the day and 
usually doesn't "let go" until about 4000rpm...
after that, it seem to shift perfect other than 1st to 2nd shifts have 
always been a little "firm" when and only when it's cold.

it is an '85 5kcst with 128k miles .... the tranny has fluid about 5000 
miles old and I topped off the differential at
about the same time with synthetic gear-lube from the dealer (it was 
down less than a pint when I bought it)

it doesn't stick all the time ... just randomly decides to do this in 
the mornings.

I know it's probably on it's way out but what can I do to extend it's 
life? any "magic" fluids anyone can recommed...
I know transmedic has worked for this before .... I think it's varnish 
inside the tranny getting stuck in the valving...
that's why this is random.

would cleaning the AT filter possibly help?


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