JE piston group buy interest?
Wed, 9 May 2001 00:59:06 EDT

<< With a smaller bore I would be interested, my stock bore is 79.5 and I am
 not a big beliver in big bores. I'd rather boost the engine to pieces a few

82.5mm is the biggest the factory went, I have never heard of a related 
failure.  I would like to drop these pistons into an NG block I have.  
83.5mm, now that is big, I have seen that...I have seen 84mm too, but out of 
20 blocks only one had the clearances to do it.
<< I guess that the MC has a 81.5mm bore in stock form, is that correct?>>

 <<Maybe I could stretch to 82mm.>>

What is another .5mm?  =)
 <<Is the piston design based on the MC1 and MC2?>>

Neither really, in between I suppose.
 <<What make and model are the included rings?>>

total seal

Good, good
 <<Are anyone up for a set of Eagle connecting rods?>>

Sure, how much??