stylish shift kanobby recommendation wanted

Joshua Van Tol
Wed, 9 May 2001 13:49:05 -0500

>The leather has finally worn through on my 5kcstq's shifter knob.
>Too much fun I guess. Has anyone found a replacement which
>enhances the appearance of the interior compared to the already
>pretty decent factory part? Wood would not work well is this case,
>in my opinion, there is no other wood trim. Maybe aluminium?
>Hmmm ... not great in the winter perhaps. Thanks for any ideas,
>DeWitt Harrison
>Boulder, CO
>88 5kcstq

Mine just did the same thing, and I decided in the name of being 
cheap, to sand it down, and put some polyurethane on it. Looks great, 
if a tiny bit out of place. Actually, I kind of like the way it 
looks, and the shiny smooth surface is kinda neat too.
Joshua Van Tol --