carpet dye experience anyone?

Larry C Leung
Thu, 10 May 2001 00:30:52 -0400

I've also been in Smitty's UrQ and it's a fabulous example of a car,
inside and out. 


On Wed, 9 May 2001 20:09:56 -0400 "Chris Semple - Force 5 Automotive"
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>> Still on an interior decoration binge here.  Black is a relative 
>> My carpet is starting to look more like very dark brown and I'd 
>> to nudge it back toward really really black. Has anyone attempted
>> to re-dye their carpet in situ? Or does this fall into the category 
>> "do not try this at home" ? Thanks,
>> DeWitt Harrison
>> 88 5kcstq
>Hit up Smitty for a writeup of his ur-q interior, he had the
>seats/panels/carpet redone a year or so ago and it looked fabulous at 
>Washington last year. As I recall our conversation, the leather was 
>on the seats, and the panels and carpet were dyed. I'm bringing the 
>digi cam
>this year to shoot his interior as an example of what can be done. As 
>recall, it was even in the realm of reasonably priced!
>Chris Semple
>Concord NH
>'83 TQC white/zebra with faded carpets and rear deck....