Transverse link rear suspension type 44 '87 5000tq

james accordino
Thu, 10 May 2001 19:19:41 -0700 (PDT)

--- "Swann, Benjamin R.  (BSWANN)" <>
> Haudi,
> I isolated some flakyness going on with the rear
> suspensionin '875kcstqw to
> the outer ball joint on the left rear transverse
> link.  I need to replace
> the balljoint.  This link goes from the rear
> cross-member to the top of the
> wheel hub, and has ball joints on both ends.
> Since the ball joint was $140 and the whole link
> assembly including both
> ball joints was $170 at the dealer, I'm going to
> replace the whole thing.
> Is this a pretty straightforward job - any BTDT? 
> I'm hoping it will take me
> only a few hours with no special tools, but don't
> want to get started on it
> if it requires any special tools.  It looks simple
> enough in the Bently -
> 42.15-42.17.
I just replaced mine on my 89 200q before Christmas. 
I got them from Megaparts online.  Left one was
$104.90 and right was $111.57.  That was the cheapest
I found.  Shipping, including a few other items I
bought was $6.34 and I got them in about 3 days.  This
might save you about $120.  The R+R was a piece of
cake.  I used a pickle fork to carefully separate the
ball joint from it's mount.  It took about 1/2 hr. to
do both sides with air tools.

Jim Accordino