Audi hydralics...drat! (longish)

james accordino
Thu, 10 May 2001 19:43:20 -0700 (PDT)

--- John Cassidy/Sallyann Mulcahy <>
> I got the new pump in.  I think part of the
> engineering in these 20Vs were
> designed as torture regims in the death camps.
> So what is the accepted method of flushing the
> hydralic system?
> The car is a '90 CQ

In that case you probably won't like this answer.  I
removed all the hoses, banjo bolts and tank.  I
removed the filter from the tank.  I washed all the
components in a parts washer with Kero, wiped down and
blew out with compressed air.  Then hosed down with
"brakleen" and blew off with compressed air again. 
Clean enough to eat off.  I think most of the drek is
in the filter and tank.  Seems to be a VERY fine black
silt.  Maybe rubber?  I think you need to avoid any
type of lint from rags, paper towels, etc.  You can
use some of your new GreenGold TM to flush the rack,
brake booster and bomb.  Jorgen (reman. racks) and my
pump rebuilder "require" you to do this.  Maybe I'm
alittle anal, O.K. alot, but they have tags on their
stuff that says you violated your warranty if "dirty"
fluid goes through their new stuff.  I've had NO
problems with any of my components(knock on Zebrano)
so far.  Both my Audis were hydraulic basket cases and
I was buying fluid by the case.  I took Phils advice
and fixed ALL the leaks.  Now it takes 10k miles or
more to go from max to add on the tank.  Good luck, in
my case it was worth the effort.

Jim Accordino