CIS-E limits, Javad? Anybody?

Jim Green
Fri, 11 May 2001 08:38:42 -0700 (PDT)

Mike wrote:
<<I remember Javad said that the cis-e III on his 80
turbo ran out of 
fuel at around 8 psi at which point he had his add on
efi. Javad, was this 
8 psi measured in the manifold? If so, since Javad's
head has 40mm 
intake valves, and I have 38, the 8 psi in his
manifold results in more air 
entering the engine than 8 psi in my engine.  So lets
say (these 
numbers arent right) if 8 psi on Javads engine means
300 CFM of airflow, and 
10 psi in my manifold means 300 CFM, then my fuel
system should be OK 
for 10 psi right? Or does CIS-E III have higher flow
capability than the 
Lastly, Javad, when you were running CIS/EFI, can you
tell me what your 
O2 meter read at different pressures, say 4, and 6psi
without the EFI 
running. Just trying to get a feel for it before I
start tuning it.
Thanks a bunch>>

Since I am at the end of the same project, here is
what I have found.  According to my Autometer Boost
gauge I am running at 10 psi. without additional
injectors on.  My Air/fuel ratio at wide open throttle
stays in the middle of the green up until about 6000
rpms.  At that point is starts to fall into the yellow
stoic. (or whatever its called) area.  I have yet to
see it run into the red, plus I usually shift before
6k.  Now you may be right about the size of the
valves.  I just have a stock MC head that may be why i
can run higher boost(measured at the manifold).  When
I replaced my long flexable silicone hose with a short
metal pipe for the intake, I did have to take a few
turns off the wastegate preload because it was letting
more air flow and causing a lean condition.  As far as
air/fuel ratios go at different boost levels, unless
your at WOT, it will be all over the place, just like
it is with no boost.
BTW, I grounded the A/F gauge to the engine and it
eliminated all the noise I was seeing on the display.
Have fun!

Jim Green
'89 90tq

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