Mechanic in NH

Huw Powell
Fri, 11 May 2001 17:06:09 -0700

Robert Turlington wrote:
> I need a mechanic in or near Candia NH (near Manchester) that can replace a
> clutch on an 88 80q.  I would like to supply my own parts and do it as
> economically as possible.  Does anyone have any ideas?

to quote my neighbor John at Carworks, "that's the worst clutch job in

Nate and I took 12 hours start to finish on my 90Q, pizza break deleted
from bill.  He's fast, I'm slow, let's say a pro would take half that
time, or 12 hours billed - that's a chunk of coin you can save by doing
it yourself/with a buddy.

If you want to install a new master to slave cylinder hose I have a new
one, that came in too late to go on the car...

you'll need

clutch kit and clutch centering tool
pilot bearing (might come with clutch kit)
rear main seal and installation thingie
tranny input seal (oops I forgot mine!)
slave cylinder
maybe new tranny mounts - good time to do it and they are cheap
(ditto shifter linkage parts except they aren't as cheap)
be prepared to fight rust on your exhaust parts

and a lot of patience.

Carworks is at 659-5454 and if you tell them I sent you I'll deny

Huw Powell