filtering PS fluid(looking for info on a thread a few years back)

Brett Dikeman
Sat, 12 May 2001 14:25:25 -0400

Dan and I were talking about filtering PS fluid because someone on 
the 200q20v list asked about flushing their system.

My impression is that there has to be a filter somewhere that could 
be spliced into the system on one of the low pressure hoses(ie, 
suction or return lines); a small filter for small hydraulics(like on 
a log splitter, farm equipment, etc.), or an ATF filer, etc.

I also saw a page about converting Jeep CJ's to power steering, and 
the author recommends installation of a fuel filter to filter the 
fluid.  I would think that as soon as you started the car, the fuel 
filter would get ripped to shreds by the thick fluid.

Does anyone remember this thread(Dan says he remembers someone came 
up with a way to filter the fluid), or care to comment on possible 
sources of filtering?  Yep, I searched the archives, and came up with 
tons of posts talking about the stock wire mesh filter,which is 
clearly not up to the job, intended only to catch 
immediate-death-and-destruction-of-components sized particles(and 
evidenced by the regular failure of a variety of system components.)

One possibility is the filtering system that's based on(please, no 
jokes) a toilet paper roll for filtering.  The US army uses it for 
filtering engine oil, and apparently works great...but it's fairly 
big, and would hence require a lot of engine compartment space and a 
fair amount of extra I don't think it's the right tool 
for the job.