Are 4kq speedo heads repairable?

Tue, 15 May 2001 20:03:14 -0300

My 87 5kq has a mechanical odo and electronic speedo. 'Course this
doesn't help Luke any (sorry Luke) because my speedo works, 'cept when
it's really cold, and in that case I just give it a good whack. I'm
not one to get into the unimportant intermittents until they are
defunct. I think Fred Munro covered this once (the speedo repair I
mean), but I could be wrong.

87 5kq (getting alt. rebuilt)

>... I've never seen under the hood of an '87 4kQ so I can't say, but I know the '86 4kQ is cable too.  I've got to say that having an electronic speedo and a cable odo has got to be a new one for me and Audis ... and I thought I'd pretty much seen it all!
>All the electronic speedo/odos I've seen simply install a sending unit where otherwise the cable would attach on the transaxle ... so your '87 would have to have some sort of adapter in that location that allowed a cable to be attached as well as having the sending unit ... correct?  
>I knew the Type 44s of similar vintage had either electronic or mechanical speedos depending upon whether it was a turbo or not (or perhaps it was quattro or not) ... 
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)