informal POLL (Was:No more oil consumption

rob hod
Wed, 16 May 2001 23:43:04 +0100

        I'm with erik on this, I have an 87 coupe with a KV engine and an
avant with the RT engine. The coupe has been dealer serviced right up until
I got it and is currently running on ordinary mutley-grade, just every now
and again I rev the nuts off it and it doesn't mind 'cos at 100K it is well
and truly run in. On the RT I have very little history but at 145K miles it
still runs very sweetly and is currently on synta semi-synth oil. Neither of
them use oil at a rate that can be measured and I'm happy about that.

    Not counting turbo engines which I have no experience of and discounting
obvious oil leaks an I5 engine shouldn't use any appreciable amount of oil
unless thrashed mercilessly, or suffering worn or broken rings , or valve
stem leakage.

    Thats not to say all engines are like that, for example the XK engine in
my old jaguar will by design use a pint or so every thousand miles, it's
designed with greater tolerances all round and as a result you get the
characteristic puff of smoke between gears when accelerating hard and a bit
sometimes on the overrun too.

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> Subject: informal POLL  (Was:No more oil consumption)
> Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 16:05:03 -0000
> The old oil issue rear it's ugly head.
> My thoughts: The Audi engines (1.8T and JT's) that I have experience with
> were very "tight" from the factory. The clearances were much smaller than
> any 'merican engine I have experience with.
> As a result, the 1.8 didn't feel broken in until 5-6,000 miles, and didn't
> feel free-revving until 10k. The so called "break in" oil was not
> discernably different from regular multi-grade. If you don't change rpm or
> rev it excessively during the first 3-5k (not 1k), you will burn oil for
> life of the german machine.
> Audi has the long break in period *specifically* because of rings not
> seating and excessive oil consumption. There are TSBs on this and RTFM.
> Let's not confuse cause with effect. If the car is an oil burner, it is
> likely due to poor break in, due to driver abuse in revving (too much or
> constant) or too frequent oil changes.
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