Damn CV Boots (91 200) (Rant)

Ryan Gemmill Ryan Gemmill" <RIG7881@hotmail.com
Thu, 17 May 2001 20:12:58 -0400


Today I noticed that my left cv boot is cracked once again. I mean, I've
only replaced each of these about 10 times.  Ok, maybe that's an
exagerration, but still these things are CONSTANTLY cracking and spewing
their guts out to let the joint get nice and dry. And why does it seem that
it is always german, or really european cars that have this problem... I've
seen Chevy's that go 50,000 miles without this happening. It's ludacris.

Anyway... does anybody have a better solution than just replacing them? I
don't know how to do it myself or I'd try it; I'm mostly worried about
screwing something up.

That's all... thanks for the rant. Oh, car in question is a 1991 200 fwd.

Take care,
Ryan Gemmill
91 200