I5 turbo, another coolant hose to check.

Kevin Phillips kevphill@mediaone.net
Sat, 19 May 2001 10:22:39 -0400

Another potential disaster averted !!!
I have still been loosing a little coolant after the after-run pump repair
so looked around the engine yesterday and managed to find the leak.
It was the little 2" rubber hose that connects the stainless steel pipe from
the turbo to the multiple connection point where all the temperature sensors
are. All this stuff is under the bracket for the power steering pump and I
found it necessary to remove this bracket to be able to undo and work on the
19mm elbow that receives the hose. A piece of 3/8 or 10mm internal diameter
hose is needed.
The old one was weeping and as soon as I touched it, it split wide open.
Very little coolant came out, maybe a cup full.

I was also checking the MM hose as a whoosh had developed and boost was
lower. Yep, it was split. Not the subtle under the ring split but a bloody
great big tear right in the M mans gut !!!!! I must be making him breathe
too hard !!!!! I have ordered a by-pass valve as well and will be doing
surgery, just like Peter B the Canadian shows on his web site.

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