[200q20v] New toy :-)

Per Lindgren lindgre@online.no
Sun, 20 May 2001 18:28:03 +0200

DAK wrote:

> So, when is Audi going to turn up the boost?

Other than the RS4 you gotta wait for the all new S4, which probably is at
lesat one year away on the Euro market.

> A little more boost, a
> little more displacement, bingo faster than an M3 again... Can the V6 be
> punched out to 3 liters?

It is already, in the new A4. It has 220 hp and is not Turbo'ed (yet).

> On another topic, can the V6 fit in the TT? Is that a transverse engine
> position? could borrow the VR6 and put a turbo on it....

The VR6 + Turbo is already done by several tuning companies.