to buy or not to buy...

Mon, 21 May 2001 10:03:45 -0700

Saw a silver 86 like that (needed 2 doors) with 175k sell for $25.00 about 3
weeks ago in Olympia, Wa.
I bought the seats from the buyer for $50.
I think he was happy
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> Well listers...
> I have found an 85 4kq for sale. Asking price is $500. 180K with a working
> odo. However, I went to see it today and it was in a sad, sad state of
> affairs. A gas leak which is a drip when the car is off progresses into a
> trickle when the car is on, coming from the line between the fuel pump and
> the front of the car. Car has NO brakes and will consequently have to be
> towed to my house, was not drivable due to needing pads/rotors all around
> at least rear calipers  possibly front ones as well. Didn't check, but I
> assume it will need e-brake cables as well. Entire underbody/suspension is
> lovely shade of cancerous rust orange. Yum! LF fender is smashed, but I
> it's mostly cosmetic, as long as it passes inpsection I don't care.
> rust on left doors, otherwise body seems to be in pretty decent shape.
> door handles all around. Oil spill in truck was remedied by a coat of
> litter which still resides in trunk. Two front springs are rusted badly
> consequently broken. The whole suspension seems semi-sketchy, cracked
> at the tie rod ends and ball joints, rust everywhere. Valve cover gasket
> leaks like a drunk in an alley, oil all over power steering pump and all
> sides of engine, an awful, awful mess. Fuel lines into distributor are
> where they connect. Despite owner's claim of new battery and alternator,
> voltmeter on diff lock panel read no more than 12 volts. Idles at about
> is this a sign timing is off or....?
> However, this car does have some good points.
> Miraculously, diff locks work. He said so, didn't test them. Sunroof
> open. Hood pins are in place for easy access. Engine runs seemingly
> perfectly, started up after about 5 turns and started pretty smoothly. No
> ticking, knocking or anything! Sounded very nice. No really obvious leaks,
> owner said he didn't think it leaks. Reportedly new timing belt. Clutch
> pushed in smoothly and returned without protest and did not stick.
> seemed fine, fan came on after some idling. Brand new light switch. Had
> nice black quattro script seats in the front, cloth in the rear. Exhaust
> seems a bit rusty but owner said it was new 2 years ago and is quiet. Oh,
> it's silver, something I've wanted for a while. And finally, this could be
> great learning experience in either restoring a beloved Audi or learning
> to tear one apart, which is kind of the main point of my looking into
> Hmm....
> So what should I do? The absolute most I could fathom spending on it for
> purchase price is $200, I think it's worth $100. Give me advice guys and
> girls. Buy it and part it? Buy it and restore it? Buy it and take one of
> other 4kq's and combine them? Run like hell and don't look back? Anyone
> some used calipers? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated, I can't
> this list enough for all of the help you have provided me.
> Looking forward to some responses,
> Megan