Re UrQ impression an ode to the Q
Thu, 24 May 2001 01:57:55 EDT

The UrQ is a relatively old  (sorry, it's true) vehicle that used some of the 
best tech of the time but really can't be compared to a new turbo vehicle in 
terms of smoothness, ergonomics, etc. . .  However, The UrQ is still an 
impressive vehicle when you are used to all the quirks of an older Audi.  
Turbo lag is a hallmark of older turbo vehicles, ask anyone who has driven a 
930 turbo Porsche.  I own a CGT but I have had the pleasure of driving a 
modified 300+ Hp UrQ and let me tell you it was a wild ride.  Of course this 
was also a completely sorted car with good brakes and suspension.  I'll admit 
it did feel pretty lame until around 3k rpm but as soon as the tach sweeps 
past that it was like a 200 shot of nitrous let loose and the car became a 
rocket.  It is a car that has to be driven hard to be fully appreciated 
because once the tach dips below 3k the fun rapidly goes away.  The UrQ is a 
great vehicle for what it is and where it has brought Audi, rally racing, and 
automotive tech in general.  Just don't expect the UrQ to be what it isn't  
-- thoroughly modern and up to date -- but be careful the next time you line 
up with one at a stop light because you never know.

Matt Kramer
'83 CGT