Re UrQ impression an ode to the Q
Thu, 24 May 2001 02:31:37 EDT

Basically, I think what would sum this up is:  No one out there buys or 
drives an Ur-q or any older Audi because it is nicer, more refined, and 
smoother than an A4 1.8t.  The Ur-q represents what Audi is, what enables 
Audi to, in modern times, build a car as smooth and refined as the A4.  

The Ur-q in my eyes is the archetypal Audi- every Audi attempts to do what 
the Ur-q did back in 1981.  It was an innovative, powerful car that forced 
the automotive injustry to reconsider what a fast, agile car really looked 

Javad Shadzi
80tq (with a bunch of Ur-q spirit)