4kq stranded me

Kneale Brownson knotnook@traverse.com
Sat, 07 Jul 2001 09:19:23 -0400

More than likely it's clutch master/slave cylinders.  Common advice is to 
replace both because if one's bad, the other's probably worn out too.   You 
DID check the level of fluid in the brake master cylinder reservoir, where 
the clutch gets its hydraulic oil, didn't you?  Another possibility is the 
pivot point for the clutch pedal itself and the link point to the master 
cylinder up under the dash.  Both those points wear and oval holes can 
cause pedal hang-ups.

At 11:55 PM 07/06/2001 -0400, Aaron Sherrick wrote:

>The title says it all.  In my 5 years of ownership this is the only time
>(save my one accident) that the car has left me stranded.  I had been
>noticing that my clutch pedal would stick about half way from the floor
>after a shift.  This didn't happen consistently, but it did happen several
>times and then go away.  So today I'm driving and this starts happening.
>Then I go to shift and clutch pedal stays on the floor.  I had to pull it
>out with my hand.  This continues for a few shifts and then finally the car
>refuses to shift into gear.  With the clutch pedal on the floor the clutch
>was still partially engaged, so that explains why I couldn't shift.  The
>police came and stopped traffic for me.  Then I turned the car off, got the
>car into first gear, and then started the car up (with the clutch pedal on
>the floor).  It immediately started bucking, so I gave it gas and got the
>car across the street into a parking lot.  I then had the car taken away on
>a rollback.  By the way, why is it bad to toe a Quattro?  I thought I
>remembered someone saying about how it ruins the rear differential.
> >From my very limited knowledge my guess is there is a problem with the
>clutch slave cylinder.  Maybe a hydraulic leak of some kind.  What do you
>guys think?  And most importantly, what's it gonna cost me?  Thanks.
>'86 4kq (with an attitude problem)