A/C tool to replace seal -- Help!

Karl Kauffman karlmk@uswest.net
Sat, 21 Jul 2001 14:12:54 -0700

Dad's been without A/C for the past month..... and this is in Phoenix,
Arizona!  He drives 50 miles round-trip for work,can't park in shade at
work, and had to endure a 116F day a few weeks ago!  He's a bit stubborn
about doing the fix himself (he is an A/C serviceman), but he can't find the
tool to do the job.  He thinks all he needs is a bolt that will thread into
the clutch to pull the clutch off.  What is needed to replace the shaft
seal, and where can such a thing be found?  This is for a 1986 5000 S with
Nippondenso compressor.


'81 Coupe - 124k mi