rubber hoses misery

Phil Payne Phil Payne" <
Sat, 17 Nov 2001 21:37:31 +0100

> When the 200's radiator leak became
> obvious enough to be noticed (gee, it was only 12 years and 170K miles
> old!) I also replaced all of the hoses. Why risk getting stranded or
> warping a head (or in the case of the 200, warping the head AND coking
> the turbo, since it would be a rapid shut down with no auxiliary cooling
> of the turbo?).

Hindsight is always perfect.  A bust hose (the turbo cooling takeoff from the side of the head) cost me a head on the Bus earlier
this year.

If I'd have followed my own advice, I'd now be ca. $1500 richer.

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