bombs and eBay

Mike Del Tergo
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 04:12:53

>Hey,  how come nobody's responded to my inquiry of a couple of days >ago
>about bombs and eBay?
>Not one lousy comment!

I bet if we all had known about your divine right to an answer, we would
have gotten back to you sooner!  Please consider this your 1 official "lousy
comment".  ALthough1 is such a lonely number you may get more.

>To restate the two questions posed:
>Are there different bombs?  I've got one with a yellow splotch of paint
>(probably original) on my '88 5kcs.  I got one off an '86 5k with a >green
>splotch of paint.  Different? Work anyway?

Luckily others have answered this so we won't cause you further offense.

>Second question (disjointed though it may be) - most/many of >the "audi"
>items coming up for sale
>on receent eBay searches are in German - with Deutchmark prices.
>I can't read German (though wish I could) so the ads don't do much for >me.
>  Is there a way to filter the eBay search to avoid wasting BW and time?

Go figure.  An abundance of Audi parts from their country of manufacture.  I
suspect this is a better question for EBay than this forum.  However, if you
want to know where to get the right part for your car, ask away!

>P.S.  I find the use of abbreviations (such as BW, here >meaning
>"bandwidth") to often be a waste of time... and frustrating.  Comments?

AFAIK, my BTDT's with respect to this 5KTQ non FAQ is also better addresed
elswhere IMHO, but YMMV! =:^)

>Is there some protocol I'm unaware of, like a schedule of bbreviations
>commonly used on on this list?

I'm guessing that you already know the answer to that!

>Don't I get any respect here?

Tom, you get what you give on this list.  I'm guessing your debits and
credits aren't quite even yet.  Do stick around though, theyll catch up.

>Seriously,  I do appreciate all the effort put into this list. It's a
> >great source of audinfo.

Careful, Audinfo is very close to AC, that could lead to NAC & LAC!

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