Larry C Leung
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 23:26:43 -0500

If he uses the US mail, can't he also be charged with Mail Fraud (federal
felony AFAIK)?


On Tue, 20 Nov 2001 17:04:49 -0700 "tucker smith"
<> writes:
>Thanks for the heads-up. I have just posted this message on Audiworld,
>and I will not hesitate to post it
>here. I will not mince words about this Charlatan. I have a LARGE (and
>growing) list of fraud victims of
>Robert C. Hack and Motodyne, and am happy to email it to anyone who is
>interested. I understand that Mr. Hack
>has threatened "Legal Action" against anyone who speaks ill of him. If
>anyone on this list has encountered
>these threats, please contact me.
>Motodyne is the "company" of Robert C. Hack. He is a well known
>CRIMINAL. He also goes by the names Raymond
>Keely and Jon Mientz. He has defrauded me and many others. On Ebay, he
>has been holbert959, RobracerX,
>germanubercars, kassandria16, miller216, and now he is lifestyle_26.
>Check the feedback. He engages in a
>practice called "shill-billing" - having multiple names and leaving
>feedback for himself.
>I am organizing a Class-Action Lawsuit against him and "Motodyne". I
>am in contact with the Police in his
>hometown (Cherry Hill, NJ) and they are very close to nailing him. If
>anyone out there has been swindled by
>this CROOK, please contact me ASAP. Thanks.
>Tucker Smith
>Jackson Hole, WY