Digital Camera Recommendations - for documenting auto repairs ?

Piirainen Antti
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 09:11:49 +0200

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> From: Peter Schulz []
> Bit off topic, but I'm getting tired of using a 35mm camera,
> getting the film developed, then having to scan the pictures (if they
> come out), when I want to document a repair on one of my Audis.

I'm pretty happy with my Canon Digital Ixus (S100 Digital Elph in the U.S.
markets). It's small - the size of a credit card minus the depth, has good
resolution (2.11 Mpix, 1.92 effective) and it's pretty fast for repeated
shots. The enclosure is stainless steel and is resistant to somewhat severe
impacts, so accidentally dropping it onto a concrete floor isn't usually a
problem - been there. It uses Compact Flash cards, which are quite cheap.
The only real problem is the lack of the power in the built-in flash, so in
garage conditions you either have to have good lighting or take close range

The present models would be Digital Ixus V (S110 Digital Elph) or Digital
Ixus 300 (S300 Digital Elph). The V model has motion capture and the 300
model is equipped with 3x zoom.

I'll be using the camera to document the proceedings of my new 87 Coupe
Quattro :)

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