10v -> 20v -> 20vt

Richard Hoffman billzcat1@hotmail.com
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 09:30:58 -0800

If an MC would be in the 6:1 range, what about say..an NF or NG block where
the  compression is higher to start with?

1990 CQ 193K
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> I have a 20v head bolted to a block right now, I will use clay on the
> to get a feel for the clearances, I will let you know if a week or two.
> the NG pistons need much relieving, it may not be worth it, maybe a little
> nick here and there, ideally they wouldn't need any.
> Yes, the MC with a 20v head will be in the 6 range.
> Javad
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> << Maybe the 6.5:1 figure I was getting was when used with the MC block.
> Have
>  you bolted an NG block to a 7A head to check for clearances before?
> be
>  nice to know if it fits once and for all (eg piston clearances, etc)!  >>