[urq] Troubleshooting Matrix

Huw Powell one@humanspeakers.com
Sat, 24 Nov 2001 16:06:24 -0500

Phil Payne wrote:
> > Hey all, I was digging through some old photo copies of Bosch CIS manuals and I found a very helpful troubleshooting matrix for
> K-Jetronic. So I recreated it as a web page and posted at the following location
> http://www.users.qwest.net/~mbenno1/Audi/Urq/urqindex.htm Under the Troubleshooting Bosch CIS K-Jetronic listing.
> Your link to my site is out of date - it's now at http://www.isham-research.com/quattro

ooh, and you mis-spelled my name....

But I really like how you duplicated the look of the audifans.com
website.  very slick.  If we *all* did that, it would be just like the
web is supposed to be... one big happy interconnected family... [sob]
time for a group hug [giggle]

Huw Powell