Another opportunity for a rant. Any takers?

Douglas Frank frank at
Mon Apr 1 15:47:05 EST 2002

OK, I could b*tch about spending $578 at TireRack this afternoon, but
hey I suppose I coulda bought a Tercel if I'd wanted cheap....

Anyway TireRack has a search service for finding mount-and-balance
wrenches in your area, thankyouverymuch.  I was just about to send
them email asking how shops' names get into their database, but
decided to actually see who they'd recommend, first.

Out of 7 recommendations near my town, 3 were for VIP.  I think that
answers the question!

So now I'll ask you northern New England guys, and apologize for the
WOB to the rest of you (and you can rant about that too, if you'd

In southern NH/northern MA, where should I take my new Potenzas?

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