SQ manifolds, and RS2 intake manifold question

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Mon Apr 1 16:19:00 EST 2002

Hi Ingo,

Well, it just about makes sense for me (yeah, that's it!), because I will be trying to use
a 7A normally aspirated 20v head on a efi turbo project.  Since I have no intake or
exhaust manifolds at all, and have to make or buy them, I was thinking I would get
the RS2 one.  I have no 3B manifold to "waste" by not using it.  Btw, anyone got one
for sale?  I need a throttle body too.

Even the bang for the buck sorta supports it as a good idea.  I can weld steel and
iron, so I will try to fabricate my own exhaust manifold using weld-els or something.  I
have no experience with or capability of welding aluminum, so the intake is a
different story.  And I don't think I want a heavy ferrous metal intake.

The recipient for the motor will probably be a 4ksq, so space is a concern.

It's a bit of a frankenstein project, but at least I don't/didn't have to pay for stock IM or
EM, ecu or wiring harness, or any of that other stuff that I would have gotten had I
bought a complete 3B or AAN for $2-3.5k.  It is intended to be programmable EFI, so
anything (manifolds, etc.) ought to work.



On 1 Apr 2002 at 17:55, Ingo D. Rautenberg wrote:

> I think RS2 IM really only makes sense (if you have the $$) if you're
> putting an AAN motor in a 200q20v or an urq or Coupe or...well, you
> get the picture.  From what I understand the improvement over the
> stock 3B IM is minimal.  And I like Cool looking stuff (excuse me,
> Kewl looking stuff). But your money is better spent on exhaust
> manifold, IMO.
> -Ingo
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