Another opportunity for a rant. Any takers?

Lee Levitt lee at
Mon Apr 1 21:35:42 EST 2002

Huw writes:
> As I said, any reasonably successful independent shop ought to be able
> to handle tire mounting and balancing with aplomb.  Heck, if *I* can do
> it, anybody with a tire machine should be able to!

I don't disagree with you Huw...but NTB isn't an independent shop, so
there's no owner to show pride in his or her work.  And the local NTB
branches seem to have more downside than upside for me, so I just stay away,
which is unfortunate, cos the nearest one is 2 miles from my house, versus
the 10 miles for Direct Tire.

I also agree on minimizing the car's exposure, but I also expect *some*


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