Finally found my Coupe!

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Tue Apr 2 19:17:01 EST 2002

Audi lovers, et al!

I finally found my coupe today. Actually I found it before the easter,
but the bimmer store where I bought it was clsoed yesterday, so I bought
it today. I entered teh store 30 minutes after they opened this morning,
and there had already been 4 calls for this car! One guy was on his way
to check it out, but he had more than and hour to drive which bought me
some time. So I asked the sales rep: "If I go to the bank and get cash
immideately, do I get the car?" SR: "Ehh, uhh, well, yeah, why not?" You
can believe that I suddenly had a short time! But the deal was closed in
my favour, so now there is a black 1987 Coupe quattro sitting outside
the house.

You might wonder why so much fuzz about this car? Well, I have been
looking for one of these for 2+ months now, there has been 2 cars for
sale that I have seen, and I have searched every imaginable source of
used cars here. The two cars that were for sale had both more than 250k
kms on the meter, but this car (my car) had only 100k kms and one owner
from new! This called for some quick action, and I won :-D

Like I said, the car is an 87, it has the 2.2 KV engine and it's
metallic black with black/grey wool interior. I'll stop babling now,
only finish this with a link to a few pics:

92 Cabrio 2.3E
87 Coupe quattro 2.2 (Urq Light)

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