SQ manifolds, and RS2 intake manifold question

auditude at get.net auditude at get.net
Tue Apr 2 13:56:10 EST 2002

Which throttle body?  People here and on the 200q20v list have said that the RS2
throttle body is the same part number and unit as the 3B one?  Are you referring to
that one?

If I go full the custom, weld-it-up route, then I will probably pick some completely
different throttle body, like from a Drof 4.9 liter (5.0).  That's just a shot in the dark, it
depends on what makes sense and is available, but it illustrates my thought process.



David Eaton deaton at tranzrail.co.nz wrote:
> before you go the rs2 intake manifold route, check the price for a throttle
> body 1st....
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> From: auditude at get.net
> From http://www.euro-audi-parts.com/, the RS2 manifold is "only" $475.
> Consider the fact that I have no manifold to begin with, and was quoted
> $500 for a used 3B manifold and throttle body, and it starts to seem
> practical. For me to try to save money by doing the porting of the 3B
> manifold, I'd have to get a hold of the manifold first.  The cost of the
> stock manifold, plus the porting, is what I would have to weigh
> against the RS2 manifold (or a custom one).

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