quattro digest, Vol 1 #3208 - 17 msgs

Konstantin Bogach konstantin.bogach at morganstanley.com
Tue Apr 2 16:40:16 EST 2002


I don't know whether you saw my quest for right o-ring on threaded shaft (seals brake fluid from e-brake cavity) but
if you know what to use, please, let me know.  I used EPDM o-ring (ethylen propylen).  It is has the best resistance
to brake fluids but I could not find any info how it is compatible with synthetic grease like Valvoline SynPower which
I used in e-breake cavity.  I left one o-ring in the grease for experiment and it swelled a lot.  I will watch for a
leak from e-brake mechanism.

Konstantin Bogach.
P.S. Chicago Rawhide is a good source for double lip grease seal for e-brake.

> From: Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net>
> As promised:
> Well, off to find supplies...orings for the ebrake shafts, cheap
> needle nose pliers to file down to the get the ring out, sandblasting
> media and some sort of tough paint(NO, not red :-)  ...
> Brett

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