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> > and the car should just not overheatr on the highway. i lost all the
> this winter in tahoe [8000'altitude and 30 degrees american - REALLY COLD]
> and the needle never moved past about 1/3 the way up. i also dont get how
> the head gasket would cause only that problem.. seems a lot of other stuff
> would be wrong too.. is the coolant + oil mixing?  if no, then i doubt the
> gaskets bad..
> Anyone ever tried to find out what happens if the turbo coolant pump is
running when it
> shouldn't be?

Wouldn't like to experiment, but as the turbo pump flows in the opposite
direction to the belt-driven pump I'd guess that there wouldn't be much
coolant circulation (if any).

BTW, when a head gasket blows coolant & oil don't always mix - it depends
when the gasket give way. I've blown a couple of gaskets in the past and
neither mixed oil & water.


Jim Haseltine

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