Fuel Distributor

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Thu Apr 4 02:47:02 EST 2002

> 7. Swap fuel lines for #4 and #5 at fuel distributor.
> 8. Miss moves to #5.. problem is in the fuel distributor.
> Questions:
> a. Am I missing anything in this diagnosis?

it doesn't look it.  I'd start searching for a used fuel dist.

> b. Does anyone else have any similar experience with Techron induced
>    fuel distributor damage?

you don't know what caused the problem, somehow I suspect Techron can't
create "galling"

> c. Are the turbo/non turbo CIS fuel distributors the same?

I don't think so.  In fact, I'm pretty certain they are radically

Huw Powell



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